SEO Audit Series Ep 4: Water Wheel Tavern

Red Wine Glass and Bottle

High Priority:

Make sure you only have one Google Analytics code implemented on the website, so your traffic data isn’t skewed.

Optimize on-page SEO more effectively (see below)

Meta title:

This should be targeted more towards being an event space or a bar. Right now it is just targeted Bucks County landmarks, which doesn’t necessarily equate to someone coming in and visiting.

Meta description:

Again this description is simply targeting the landmark aspect. Which is a great differentiator, but it won’t help to drive relevant traffic to the website and ultimately the tavern.

H1/H2 tags:

These headings are simply being pulled from the navigation and are not optimized.

Recommendation: You may want to move the “reserve now” CTA button into the top bar so it’s easier to see for users. It kind of gets lost in the jumble on the right hand side.

Redirect the following pages and remove them from the XML sitemap:

Medium Priority:

Recommendation: Make the navigation follow the user down the page. When I get to a lower area of the homepage, I have no way to get to another page or to get to the top of the website. This can increase bounce rates and decrease conversion rates.

Create an HTML sitemap and link in the footer of the website – this will increase user navigation and overall crawlability of the website.

Pages have low text/HTML ratio – 13 pages – This happens when there is a lot of coding on a particular page or when there is `thin content”. It can be fixed by adding relevant content to a page.

Fix this page or remove it

  — There appears to be grammatical errors and such on this page, so it should be corrected if it has a purpose.

Enhance the internal linking strategy of the website – many of the pages don’t have the appropriate internal linking structure to optimize these pages. We would recommend optimizing the internal links to push your rankings.

Recommendation: Create a blog and write periodically. We are able to optimize this “fresh content” for your website and it will allow Google Bot to come back and crawl your site more frequently.

List your .xml sitemap in your .txt file – this will increase your overall website crawlability