SEO Audit Series Ep 1: Doylestown Salt Cave

Two women relaxing in a salt cave at Halotherapy


You will want to install Google Analytics tracking codes on your website. This gives webmasters the ability to track the traffic coming into their website and have a better understanding of user interaction. You can use this sort of information to have an understanding about what drives new users, what makes users come back, where users may not be having the best experience, etc. This then gives the ability to make adjustments and tweaks to the layout, content, etc. on the site.
When looking through the website I found 4 duplicate H1 tags found on the homepage. You always want to make sure you have 1 optimized H1 Heading tag on each page. This is valuable information that Google Bots will use to determine what the content is about. If you have multiple H1 tags, then this could cause confusion with the search bots and hamper your ability to rank in search results. Below is a screenshot of what I was able to see using a valuable SEO tool. 


Creating an HTML Sitemap and linking this in the footer of your website is also a very important tweak that can be made to help your overall SEO. An HTML sitemap helps Google bots crawl your website a lot easier and it can also be used by website users. Some more tech savvy users might be looking for certain information and just go directly to the HTML Sitemap. Making sure this is clean and has all of the proper pages is a “best foot forward” methodology for SEO. Belos is an example of what this link looks like at the bottom of our website.

Call to actions are very important to help increase the conversions happening on your website. When a user enters the website, you really only have a short period of time to capture their attention. Don’t make them search for valuable contact info or shopping buttons. Make sure you have a quality call to action at the top of the website in the form of a “shop now” button, Phone number, or “Book Now” button. Below is an example of what one of these can look like at the top of the website. It’s clean, but still stands out when the user enters in. This way if they want to book, then they can make that action immediately.

There are a number of “technical” pieces to the overall SEO strategy. Adding image alt attributes to your images is one of them. When doing this you want to make sure you use relevant terms and keywords that people are going to be using in search engines. This has the ability to boost the overall SEO strategy if done properly. Image alt attributes are also used by different platforms. If a user is visually impaired, they could be using a software to read the website to them. This would read the image as “Image296”, but the user would never know what that image was actually about. Below is an example of where you can find alt attributes in the code of a website. Leaving stock attributes in there doesn’t help Search bots or users.

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