SEO Audit Series Ep 2: Forward College Counseling

Students studying in college library


You will want to install Google Analytics tracking codes on your website. There are a lot of different insights that you can gain from having this. You can track which sources users are coming from. You can determine which types of content helps to drive more traffic. You can see what pages have the highest conversion rates for you. You can even see where users get turned off the most and leave your website. Without having this, you are kind of just shooting from the hip.

Meta descriptions are one of the most important pieces to on-page optimization. If you have an irrelevant meta description, or don’t have one at all, then Google will have a difficult time determining what your page is all about. You want to add an optimized Meta description to your homepage to help Google understand what your website is talking about.

Make the Success Stories page easier to read. List the colleges in a nice format. User experience has a lot to do with how Google ranks your website as well. If your website has a poor user experience and users are leaving more frequently or not converting at all it can certainly hamper your SEO results. Make sure your content is easy to read and simple to review for the users.  —


Page URLs and titles do play their part in Search rankings. If you are copying your pages and not changing the link structure, then Google may crawl one page thinking it’s supposed to be the services and it’s actually not. This type of confusion can lead to poor search rankings. Try to ;abel these pages differently so it’s easier to understand what they are about.  — and

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