SEO Audit Series Ep 3: Pen Ryn Estate

Wedding ceremony

High Priority:

Further optimize on-page SEO:

Meta title:

Your meta title is mainly focused on your brand. This is good to have, but we like to place it at the end of the title so we can focus on important keywords in the beginning of the title.

Meta description: 

This is a decent description, but we want to make sure we are clear and concise, while also targeting keywords people are looking for. 

H1/H2 tags:

Your H1/H2 tags are currently just being pulled from your navigations and aren’t optimized at all. This is an area where we can optimize so your website is more relevant for targeted keywords.

There are a number of pages that should be removed or no-indexed (see below):

Medium Priority:

Enhance the internal linking strategy throughout the website – There are a number of pages with little to no internal links or internal links that don’t provide much benefit in return. We would want to improve on this strategy.

Place clear CTA in header of desktop version of website – This way when someone enters the website they can make a decisive action without having to search around.

Place a clickable phone number in the header of the website on mobile – This allows users coming into the website to be able to call without having to search for contact info and potentially leaving the website.

Both of these links go to the same landing page. I would advise either making them one link or making the links go to specific pages for each virtual tour

I believe this widget is broken on the homepage (see below)

This page appears to have a purpose, but I would recommend revising it. There are a number of grammatical errors on the page.

Some pages have “thin content” and are thus deemed to have a high text to HTML ratio – This happens when there is more coding on a page than there is content. Google wants pages to provide quality information that helps the users find what they are looking for. We would advise adding some content to various pages of your website.


Recommendation: Blog at least once a month – This will help to create new content on your website and have Google Bot keep coming back. We are then able to create an optimization strategy behind this blog to push your rankings even more.

Remove this from your XML sitemap

Recommendation: Create an HTML sitemap and link it in the footer of the website – This will increase the overall crawlability and navigation of your website

Recommendation: Create an actual footer for the website – Having a footer with important information can be an area of optimization as well as giving you a common area for users to find information like contact info, top pages, locations, etc.

List your .xml sitemap in your .txt file – this will increase your overall website crawlability.